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Environmentally-friendly hotels conserve resources, save money and attract customers

1900 Brumley Road Chuluota, FL 32766

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Shooting at Big Oaks Ranch:

The Chronicles of Molly Reins: Book One

A photographic screenplay in the science fiction/ post-apocalyptic genre, portraying the life of a girl born in a remote cabin decades after life on earth underwent a catastrophic change. A battle of good versus evil is waged both on the torn earth as well as the surreal landscape of her dreams.

Scheduled public release/YouTube 2024.

CHULUOTA - The Florida Department of Environmental Protection (DEP) today welcomed Big Oaks Ranch to the Florida Green Lodging Program. The designation is the first for Seminole County and the 26th for the program, a voluntary state initiative that provides the lodging industry with technical assistance and encouragement to adopt cost-saving “green” practices that reduce waste and conserve natural resources.  
“Big Oaks Ranch has demonstrated their commitment to protecting Florida’s environment,” said DEP Central District Director Vivian Garfein. “Their leadership serves as an example and a challenge to other lodges to adopt innovative green practices, conserve resources and save money.”
Big Oaks Ranch has implemented a linen and towel reuse program and installed low-flow toilets and faucets to conserve water. In addition, Big Oaks Ranch conserves energy through the use of ENERGY STAR® rated equipment and energy-efficient lighting. To improve air quality, the lodge utilizes environmentally-preferable cleaners and electrostatic air filters for air-conditioning units. To reduce waste, Big Oaks Ranch uses recycled paper products, practices bulk purchasing and offers recycling of newspapers and steel and aluminum cans.
Big Oaks Ranch is the first recipient to receive this prestigious award in Seminole County and the first ranch/farm in the State of Florida.
Launched in March 2004, the Florida Green Lodging Program establishes environmental guidelines for hotels and motels to conserve natural resources and prevent pollution. As a reward for designation, Florida is recommending Green Lodges to companies and trade organizations seeking environmentally conscious lodging and convention facilities. With the addition of Big Oaks Ranch, the program has 26 hotels designated, with 46 in the process of becoming designated.
For more information about the Florida Green Lodging Program designation process or to locate a Florida Green Lodge, visit


We had a fantastic time shooting a music video here. It was so nice to get out of the city, get some fresh air, and the ranch animals were the cherry on top. Plenty of room for multiple families!” Here is the youtube link to the video, it just released. Hope you love it as much as we do!!
~ VoicePlay

Thank you for a terrific stay @ Big Oaks Ranch!! Lots of adventures plus some serenity.
~ Cory, Emily, Parker and Owen

This was the most relaxing and rejuvenating visit. The ranch is beautiful and it brings me back to the natural habitat of Florida. The wildlife was wonderful and the plants and flowers were great. I saw many varieties that I had never seen before. Thank you for the extraordinary visit and a memories that will last a lifetime.
~ Penelope

We had such a wonderful, quiet and peaceful time here at Big Oaks Ranch, and we are looking forward to returning again next year. Thank you for preparing such a beautiful place, perfect for rest and vacation.
~ Wanda

My 30 th birthday could not have been anymore special then the experiences I have encountered this weekend. Horseback riding under the large oak trees, over the babbling brooks, through the open fields, and around all the wild animals was so breath taking beautiful. Waking up early in the morning, watching the sun rise and listening to the sounds of nature was so peaceful and serene. I am leaving here today feeling completely spiritually whole again. Thank you for the wonderful memories that I will cherish for the rest of my life.
~ Lisel

I began a journey that has taken me to almost every campground in Central Florida. Each has provided me with such wonderful experiences that I thought could not be surpassed. Big Oaks Ranch is my last stop and boy do they save the best for last. I am from Orlando and never even knew you were right “down the street.” I had to search the internet extensively and if I wasn’t familiar with the area and knew where Chuluota was, I would have missed Big Oaks Ranch completely.
~ Robin

Thank you so much for making my party possible. My friends and I had a blast and it was an awesome weekend. This has always been a fun and exciting place for me and everyone I have brought out here!
~ Summer

Today is Sunday, our 6 th anniversary, and the end of our anniversary weekend. Thank you so much for all our adventures. I almost forgot our walk at duck; the deer in our own side yard. To the next guests - slow down, go for walks, and enjoy this beautiful land. We’re sure you’ll have your own special adventure to share.
~ Julian & Faye

When you need to leave the world behind for a little while and re-group, this is the place to be, a place where time is irrelevant; where it seems to stand still. Where we can remember our real mother, and all the peace and love she has to give! Mother Earth. Thank you so much for the opportunity to enjoy her again.
~ Alicia

Thank you, thank you and thank you for this wonderful opportunity to experience Florida in such a holistic and natural way! The wildlife and rivers were amazing for a first-timer in kayaks in Florida!!
~ Sandra & Ben

Everything was just perfect for our daughter’s wedding. We’re taking home many wonderful pictures and memories.
~ Curtis & Char

My wedding was absolutely PERFECT. Every one of my guests were simply stunned by the ranch.
~ Melissa & Mike

We all agree that this is the best place to star gaze! It was great to toast s’mores over the fire too!
~ May Kay

Thanks for letting us get away for a few days. The Hurricane this week was terrible and just the basics of water and electricity were nice. Also enjoyed the peace and quiet of the country was mind setting.
~ Ken & Chris

The ranch was the perfect place for family and friends to come together to celebrate.
~ Patti

This is a special place and brings us closer to Natural Habitat. Kayaking the rivers were special. This was a most relaxing and rejuvenating vacation in Florida and on a cattle ranch. We had such a wonderful, quiet and peaceful time here at Big Oaks Ranch, and we are looking forward to returning again next year. Thank you for preparing such a beautiful place, perfect for rest and vacation.
~ Six from New Jersey

The cabin is truly special…one of my favorite places on the planet.
~ Laura & Alisha

1900 Brumley Road
Chuluota, FL 32766

For more information please email us at: